Cocaine Laboratory in Tirana, 5 detained

Cocaine Laboratory in Tirana, 5 detained

 Tirana police after a special investigation in cooperation with the Tirana Prosecutor's Office finalized the coded operation "Laboratory" on a criminal group in the direction of trading of narcotics. Parts of the group were 5 people.

Police have arrested: F.N., 30, previously convicted of the criminal offense of "Manufacturing and Sale of Narcotics", and P.P., 27 years old, resident in Tirana, as well as are being prosecuted for the criminal offense "Non-denunciation of Crime", the citizens: B. N., 36, B.S., 43, and G.G., 47, previously convicted of "Manufacturing and Narcotics Sales".

The head of the group is suspected of being the citizen of F.N., otherwise known as the "Loli Vera", who in collaboration with other persons, such as P.P. with the pseudonym "Pipo", sold in the form of dosages and in considerable amounts Heroine and Cocaine. These persons sold heroin and Cocaine in some areas of Tirana.

For this criminal activity, the persons had adapted an apartment for processing and packaging the narcotics and then selling it to small doses.

At the time of the intervention the police found and seized narcotics in the form of dosages, whereupon the control went on to the flats where were found and sequestered about 1 kilogram and 864 grams of heroin, a part of this was prepared in 353 doses, 202 grams of cocaine, about 50,000 leks, electronic scales, grinding pots, sieves and other items that served to mix and pack narcotics.

The procedural materials will be transferred to the Prosecutor's Office of the First Instance Court of Tirana, for further investigative actions for the criminal offense "Manufacturing and sale of narcotics in cooperation" in charge of the citizens F.N., P.P., as well as for "Non-denunciation of crime" the citizens B.S., B.N. and G.G.
Cocaine Laboratory in Tirana, 5 detained Cocaine Laboratory in Tirana, 5 detained Wednesday, March 06, 2019 Rating: 5
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