Arbiters boycott the Albanian Championship: Life is endangered!


 It's official now! The Albanian referees have decided to not go the football pitch anymore, because they feel insecure to practice safety their profession.

In an official reaction of the Association of Referres of Albania, it is stated among other things that "the arbitrators have no life assurance. We expect reactions from all the actors involved, otherwise we do not go down to the pitch." The arbiters have decided to withdraw from the activity until an indefinite term.

Full reaction:

"Reaction of the Association of the Albanian Football Arbitrators (AAFA): Shocked after the extreme violence exercised against the referee Eldorjan Hamiti in Kamëz, AAFA took its decision to boycott the football matches at the national level.

Having in mind that we feel insecure, today we decided to say: Enough! Enough with threats, insults, and lurking. Enough, this is much more serious and dangerous, by violence and most importantly, far more insecurity for life. Unanimously, the arbitrators think the current experiment for the dismissal of the State Police from football stadiums has failed.

Replacing them with a private police is another already wasted failure. Just as we have nothing to expect from the other law enforcement experiment, which has completely failed, while the perpetrators of the violence have been released today, and the film footage is very clear and since four days is at the center of attention of the media. We ask the club members at AFF to understand us and support us in the decision we have taken, because the decision we have taken is the only way for the races to be as true and correct. Enough was experimented. We have decided not to play with our lives. So we will not go back to trial until we feel safe and the State Police returns to the stadiums and the perpetrators are punished. The Association of the Arbitrators of the Albanian Football", concludes the reaction.
Arbiters boycott the Albanian Championship: Life is endangered! Arbiters boycott the Albanian Championship: Life is endangered! Wednesday, March 06, 2019 Rating: 5
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