Albania Tourism in the eye of Euronews

The prestigious television "Euronews , in a short story on the international tourism fair in Berlin, focusing on technology and sustainability, paid a special attention to the attractiveness of Albania in this sector.

"Technology is something that is being used by Albania to show that the world of tourism is open to business. This relatively new destination, located in Southeastern Europe, attracted more than six million foreign tourists last year, with a 20% increase since 2017. Once a hidden treasure, impressive mountains and stunning beaches, now has become attractive to many people," says the description of our country in Euronews.

Albania Tourism in eye of Euronews

The well-known European television has also interviewed Blendi Klosi, who was present in this fair to promote Albania.

"Companies are now understanding that history has changed and tour operators are using more information technology. So we are also entering in some different campaigns where we are using more social media to help Albania change its image, also makes foreigners to realize that Albania is a unique place to be visited at least once in lifetime," says Klosi to Euronews.

"Albania is focused on attracting tourists while maintaining a harmony in the protection of its natural environments," concludes Eruonews, Albania's presentation in this reportage.
Albania Tourism in the eye of Euronews Albania Tourism in the eye of Euronews Thursday, March 14, 2019 Rating: 5
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