Former FBI agent, Mark Rossini: Albanian protests influenced by the Russians

  Former FBI agent Mark Rossini commented on the opposition protest in Albania held today (February 21, 2019), when the oppisition MP gave up their Parlamentiary mandates.

Through a Twitter post, according Rossini this protest has been influenced by the Russians, and for this he has accused the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha of this.

He initially postet a post accusing directy Sali Berisha as influenced by Putin, as published by Zëri. According to him Putin aims the warm waters of the Albanian ports.

 Here in Albania. Protests going on now called by Russian influenced Sali Berisha. He and his family have lost power. If SB gets back power, Putin will steamroll through Kosova and Albania. Putin gets warm water port access on the Adriatic. 

But later he modified the post although the meaning is almost the same.
#Albania. Think about it. Alb last country on Adriatic to join EU, which is the goal of Merkel and Rama and what all Albanians want.  Putin wants to destroy the EU and Alb in EU denies his warm water port. Why is Barisha, Putin's puppet?
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