The Orthodox Christmas are celebrated 'officially' in Kosovo

Gracanica Monastery
Gracanica Monastery

 Today in Gracanica Monastery is held the liturgy for the Christmas celebration of the Orthodox community in Kosovo.

The liturgy was led by the Serbian Bishop of Raska and Prizren, Teodosije, while dozens of believers from the municipality of Gracanica participated.

One of the Orthodox believers, Jelena Peric, speaking to Oculus News stated that the believers of all religions in the world should live in harmony with one another. "Let's be happy and live together. We are Serbs, we want to live better and in harmony with others, ie with all religions together," Peric said.

Meanwhile, another believer, Milena Nedeljkovic, said: "We have had guests early in the morning. After the liturgy, we will visit the family and relatives, and we will also welcome guests."

Milena stated that this holiday is alone this feast because her family members do not live in Gračanica. "We are celebrating as we can; the holidays are no longer as before, I have prepared food for this holiday," she said.

While, there is official holiday in Kosovo on the occasion of the Orthodox Christmas.

Christian Orthodox believers have also celebrated Christmas in Macedonia. Christmas liturgies were held this morning in all the temples of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, while the central is in the main Church of St. Kliment of Ohrid in Skopje, where the Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia, Mr. Stefan, held the liturgy. Meanwhile in Albania, the Montenegrin Orthodox believers have celebrated the Orthodox Christmas in the Vraka Church in Shkodra.
The Orthodox Christmas are celebrated 'officially' in Kosovo The Orthodox Christmas are celebrated 'officially'  in Kosovo Monday, January 07, 2019 Rating: 5
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