Kosovo imports € 70 million electricity per year

Kosovo imports € 70 million electricity per year

 Kosovo, the fifth in the world for lignite reserves, has imported electricity worth of 70 million euros per yea. About 22% of the total energy consumed during 2017 was imported, based on the data published by the Ministry of Economic Development (MED).

'Import meets the demand for electricity from year to year, the price of which continues to be unforeseen. Only in 2017, Kosovo has covered about 22% of the demand by importing electricity at a cost of 70 million euros, says the MED announcement.

The countries from the region where Kosovo imports electricity have announced an increase in energy prices by about 40%.

Given the enormous import value of electricity in Kosovo, this increase will undoubtedly also affect energy prices in the country.

According to MED, in 2023, after the closure of Kosovo A power plant, the demand for electricity will be supplemented by 23% from renewable sources, 50% from Kosovo B power plant, while Kosovo New power plant will cover about 37% of the demand, eliminating thus the need for import.

The electricity price for businesses in Croatia has increased this year, while similar growth for 2019 has been announced in Serbia by about 20%, and Bosnia and Herzegovina by about 15%. At the same time, the price of electricity in Romania will increase by 40%, reports Balkan Green Energy News.

SEEPEX data on electricity exchanges in Serbia show that at the beginning of 2018 the electricity price was about 50 euros per megawatt / hour until at present, the price per megawatt / hour in the same country reached 70 euros.

The electricity price increase trend has also been recorded in the Hungarian energy exchange market (HUPX), among the most favored markets by suppliers of the region.
Kosovo imports € 70 million electricity per year Kosovo imports € 70 million electricity per year Wednesday, January 02, 2019 Rating: 5
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