Fieri Judge Roland Hysi seeks sex to mother in exchange of the custody of her child

Fieri judge Roland Hysi seeks sex to mother in exchange of the custody of her child
Judge Roland Hysi and the psychologist Elona Meçani

  A shocking story is published in the show "Stop".  The moderators got the confession of a mother who faced a judge's request for sexual intercourse and money, just to ensure her child's custody.

The secret camera includes some judges and the psychologist of the Fieri Court Elona Meçani, who plays the role of Realtor. The denouncing wife shows the whole sufferings she has had to afford for "buying her own child with money."  

Fier judge Roland Hysi asks to her sex in exchange of the custody of her child. Also, the lady gives to the psychologist 500 euros for Hysi, promising another 500 euros at the close of the trial.

"I was married, for personal reasons we divorced in 2012 and Fier District Court has decided that the custody of the girl to be mine. Because of my personal and economic reasons, I went to France and left my daughter to my parents. In 2018 my ex-spouse tried me to remove the custody of the girl. My lawyer participated in the first session of the trial and in the second session I came from France. It was the 17th of July, 2018, the judge was Mr. Roland Hysi. The trial session is over, that day was taken the decision about the girl, which spoke with her own free will, untouched by her father or me, and decided to stay with me," said the denouncer.

But despite the girl's decision to stay with her mother, this is where the sufferings begun for the mother.  

"After the court session has ended, at the Court's door, the psychologist was Elona Meçani, who introduced me into the office and told me I should speak to the judge. I didn't understood why I should talk to the judge, because when you appear in the Court you have to present the documents, so I think I have all the necessary documents. The judge did not spoke in the presence of the secretary, the secretary went out and he has asked me for a meeting at a Bar. I've been living in France for 7 years and Fiery had changed. I did not knew, but no decision was taken that day, it was postponed to July, 24. My fear was of what would happen, what is being done. That's why I decided to listen to the judge and go out to learn what he is asking me, but it was always the idea that we are here in Albania, they require a bribe. The history of the trial costed me 10,000 euros. As we left the Court, there was no delay for more than an hour, teh judge called me in the phone and asked for a meeting on that day. She asked me at Fieri Hotel. I was there, he was in a hall,  not a Bar or a coffee. It was about 3:30 in the afternoon, he was into a hall alone. There I realised that something was not going well. I was unprepared, I had not taken the measure to record ... I'm in the hall, and Judge Roland Hysi has asked me for sex. He put me in front of the responsibility, the first thing, did not liked the environment there, because he wanted to relax, because he was very stressed of solving the problems of the people. And he told me to go to a more relaxed and convenient environment for us. Having a judge other words 'you will do what I say, or I will not give this letter."

The denouncer said that that day was badly mixed with the judge, who had offended him and then decided to contact the show "Stop".

"That day I was badly dissatisfied with the judge, I fled, I dropped...I got offended and I came out. By discussing with my close circle, but not with my family because I was afraid, I was in anxiety, I was in stress. I contacted the "Stop" show. I did not go to the police because I was afraid, I did not trust, because if I would go to the police this issue would shut down without any evidence, no evidence. I wanted to bring justice. The next day the Stop show answered me, I was infiltrated by the "Stop", and then I unmasked Roland and his Realtor Elona Meçani, since what they asked for are all confirmed facts. They have been bribed for me."

In a video of this week on the show "Stop", appears also the psychologist Elona Meçani, who plays the role of Realtor. She suggest the mother to give to Roland Hysi 500 euros.
Fieri Judge Roland Hysi seeks sex to mother in exchange of the custody of her child Fieri Judge Roland Hysi seeks sex to mother in exchange of the custody of her child Wednesday, January 09, 2019 Rating: 5
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