Executed in Elbasan; Italian media: Endrit Alibej, boss of a cocaine network

Executed in Elbasan; Italian media: Endrit Alibej, boss of a cocaine network
Endrit Alibej 

 He is shot dead inside his black Range Rover with which he was traveling inside his city, Elbasan, in the center of Albania. Endrit Alibej, 34, had no rescue. Along with him, two of his friends, who were on board of the same luxury car, were killed several days ago."  In this way begins the article of the Italian newspaper "La Stampa" referring to the triple murder that shook Elbasan the evening of December 29, 2019. A triple murder, in which Albanian police are investigating. Local media write about "mafia attacks," considering Endrit as the target of the killers. A possible wash of rival clans. The case also relates to the prosecution of Astit, because Alibej in 2013 was at the center of a maximal investigation by carabinieri coordinated by the public prosecutor Maria Vittoria Chiavazza for cocaine trafficking between the Netherlands and the area of ​​Asti.

"The Tarzan"

Endrit, born in Elbasan on October 17, 1984, called "Tarzan," has occasionally used his mother's surname, Welger. But he also had other names, such as that of the Romanian citizen Gabriel Manu or the Greek Dimitrios Kriporis. An international suspected criminal belonging to a European drug network, for whom the removal of the borders had been a decisive factor in doing business. While is also published the "Range Rover" car where the victims were traveling.

Executed in Elbasan; Italian media: Endrit Alibej, boss of a cocaine network

His apartment in Asti, clean

He was a young boy when moved to Asti, and by 2012 lived with his girlfriend in an apartment in the area of ​​Corso Casale. Endrit Alibej had a "clean" apartment, in a building in Via Roreto 13. In February 2012, the police were able to enter in the home in Roreto while no one was at home, and photographed the drug and the notebook with the calculations of the criminal organization. There was a "delayed confiscation" of about four hundred grams of cocaine. Investigators had weighed the drug, hid in a box of whiskey, leaving them in the room so did not endangered the investigation. In June 2013, the "Cocash" operation was under way, with a detention order signed by the magistrate Elena Rocci that led to numerous arrests before. Endrit was not found. In 2014 he was sentenced in absentia by Judge Giacomo Marson to 5 years and 4 months imprisonment and 30,000 euros fine. The trial confirmed at the Court of Appeals and final delivery by the Cassation Court on November 15.


For Alibej, the extradition procedure was about to begin. "We have never seen or heard him. For us this was a closed procedure," said Turin's lawyer Guido Anetrini, who had defended him on behalf of his family. Meanwhile, Endrit had returned to the place where everything started, in Elbasan, where he freely enjoyed the accumulated wealth. Someone wanted him to pay. What he did to deserve death would have to reveal the Albanian Prosecution and perhaps even that of Asti.
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