AH1N1 virus is present in Albania

AH1N1 virus is present in Albania

 The first cases of flu in Albania have already been isolated. The first very cold days of January have brought the flu virus. So far, the Institute of Public Health Laboratory has confirmed that in Albania is circulating the AH1N1 virus.

"Yes, the flu season started. So the number of cases with respiratory viroza has increased. We do not have a very large number of cases, but we are in the flu season. We have isolated flu cases that belong to the virus AH1N1, a former pandemic virus, which has already become a seasonal virus," Silva Bino said, head of the Infectious Diseases Department at IPH.

The AH1N1 virus has the same symptoms as other viruses, such as headache, strong muscular pain, dry cough, etc. The IPH experts are examining the forms of this virus in the population, as over time the viruses undergo mutations and cause complications in humans.

"Flu viruses are very debilitating and undergo different mutations, so it is very important to carry out vaccination against the flu. This vaccination is carried out at any time throughout the flu and creates proper immunity or causes the person, even if infected by the flu, not to go through severe forms," said Silva Bino.

People with chronic illnesses - such as diabetes, pulmonary problems, or obesity - are prone to manifest complications if affected by the influenza virus. So, according to experts, they need to order the flu vaccine.

Currently there are only 4 confirmed cases in the IPH Laboratory, while there may be other cases that are handled at home and are not presented to the doctor.
AH1N1 virus is present in Albania AH1N1 virus is present in Albania Friday, January 11, 2019 Rating: 5
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