Vucic calls for UN Security Council meetings because of Kosovo Army

Aleksandar Vucic
Aleksandar Vucic

 Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic said Serbia has urged an UN Security Council emergency meeting due to the Kosovo parliament's decision to establish the army.

Having stayed since last night near the border with Kosovo to visit his troops, on Friday evening he declared as unlawful the decision to vote for Kosovo Army and also in violation of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244, while criticizing sharply the United States, the UK and Germany for supporting the establishment of the Kosovo army.

He said that the foreign diplomats say Kosovo is sovereign and has its right, but he said, even under the constitution of that "state" this decision is illegal, Voice of America in Albanian reports.

He said this is inconsistent with the spirit of the talks and the Albanians and those who supported this decision have endangered peace and security throughout the Western Balkans region and therefore Serbia has been calling for an United Nations Security Council meeting.

"I am willing to personally go to the Security Council as president and I hope that the big states who have recognized Kosovo's independence will not dismiss the possibility of a small Serbia to say the facts about how  is being violated the right in the Western Balkans and what risks have they produced with their own decisions," he said.

He said Serbs in Kosovo should not worry because Serbia will not allow anyone to persecute them. "Any misuse of their army and entry where their entry is prohibited in accordance with the agreement reached by NATO, so without the consent of the local population, there is no entry of armed formations in the north of Kosovo and if they attack you, Serbia will have the power to protect you," he said.

The Serbian president reiterated that there will be no talks until Kosovo withdraws the 100 percent tariffs on Serbian goods, a decision that the Kosovo government imposed on November 21 as a response to the aggressive Serbian campaign against Kosovo's statehood.

Serbia continues to oppose the independence of Kosovo declared in February 2008, nine years after NATO intervention to end the atrocities of Serb forces against Kosovo Albanians.
Vucic calls for UN Security Council meetings because of Kosovo Army Vucic calls for UN Security Council meetings because of Kosovo Army Friday, December 14, 2018 Rating: 5
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