The main reason of why Albanians are abandoning the country

The main reason of why Albanians are abandoning the country

 The reasons that pushes the Albanians to emigrate abroad are related to economic reasons.

Albanian State Statistics Institute (INSTAT) reports that according to the Labor Force Survey, 2017, the main reason of leaving Albania is "Employment Opportunity", with 84.0% of responses.

Family reunions or other reasons related to the family are the cause for immigration at 4.6%, while 3.6% of those leaving the country are of study purposes.

INSTAT notes that migration was the main reason for the decline of the population in Albania before 2001 and the period 2001-2011.

Several hundreds of thousands of Albanians left the country, a loss that was not compensated by immigration and natural growth. This mass of emigration was the main cause of population change from a high annual population growth in the 1979-1989 period of 2.0 percent, with a negative growth (- 0.3 percent per year) in the subsequent  years of 1989-2001 .

In absolute terms, the population growth of almost 600 thousand people observed in the period between the censuses before 1989 turned to a decline of more than 100,000 after 1989.

The census of 2011 showed finally that emigration was the most important factor in the net loss of 269,000 people in the period 2001-2011, accounting for 8.8 percent of the 2001 population. According to INSTAT's indirect estimates during this period, around 482 thousand Albanians left the country, a number that was partially offset by immigration and natural growth.

But a study of the recent months of the Center for Social and Economic Research on Emigration Potentials shows a high tendency of leaving the the country of the highest income families. Although the desire to migrate is noticed in all social groups, it is no longer a characteristic of only the poor groups of Albanian society. The survey divided the respondents into 10 large groups, based on their monthly or annual income. Survey data showed that potential migration was higher in households characterized based on financial situation as "inadequate" and "insufficient".

The 2018 poll found that about 55% of households with income between 1000 and 1400 euros wanted to leave. Also, in these proportions are also people with incomes up to 950 euros.

On the other hand, it is seen that less than 50% of people with wages below 370 euros plan to flee.
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