Boston: The Albanian Orthodox Church honors Skanderbeg and Noli

 In St. George's Cathedral in Boston is honored yesterday Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg with messages and shows. The event marked the 110th anniversary of the establishment of the Albanian Autocephalous Church by Fan Noli. The Church decided to commemorate these two events, taking into account Fan Noli's contribution to the Skanderbeg study. The activity was attended by Ilir Ikonomi of VOA.

At the symposium held in a simple hall on the second floor of the Cathedral some scholars gave their message. Professor Nikola Pano says that Noli wrote first Scanderbeg's story in 1921 with the clear purpose of unifying Albanians and educating them on national sentiment.

"We should remember that 1921 was the time when Albania had just emerged from the World War, foreign troops had just left the Albanian lands, Albania's independence was reaffirmed, and meanwhile, Albania was in a political turmoil to some extent. Noli wanted to bring a strong sense of patriotism, nationalism and pride to the Albanians."
Boston: The Albanian Orthodox Church honors Skanderbeg and Noli

Grant Harris is the director of the European Sector at the Washington Convention Library. He was a surprised that Skanderbeg's deeds were so enthusiasticin in Europe and the world:

"This started naturally in Italy in the early 1500s with the book published by Marin Barleti, who created some legend for Skanderbeg even though he had a real core. Here it is important that the Bishop Fan Noli later said that Skanderbeg's great deeds, resisting Ottoman campaigns for 25 years, really happened and were a great thing. But it is surprising when you think that there were so many people who wrote about Skanderbeg, including poets and others who left their manuscripts, until the 19th century."

Some participants in the symposium reminded Skanderbeg and Nolin in other ways.

Xhevat Nimani is the founder of the Albanian theater of America. For many years Skanderbeg's role is his great passion. With his grumpy voice, he has interpreted the national hero in the scenes of cities from Europe to America.

"Today's leaders should learn from Skanderbeg to forgive their political opponents, and when it comes to the Homeland, we are a nation, we have a language, we swear in a flag that Albania will never collapse. And this was Gjergj Kastrioti, this was his vision. "

Skanderbeg's sketch, created in 1918 and featured rich detail, has been constantly hanging on St. George's Church, but until yesterday the author was unknown.

Let Doko, who cares about the Noli Library in this cathedral, tells the Voice of America that after the searches that some Boston Albanians did in Tirana, they found the author:

"He is Spiridon Tasi Ilo. It is a very familiar patriot of Noli's time, a close associate with Nolin, with (Kristo) Kirka. In this sketch he wrote in handwritten 'Made me D. T. Shark'. From the research it turned out that this was his art name."
Boston: The Albanian Orthodox Church honors Skanderbeg and Noli Boston: The Albanian Orthodox Church honors Skanderbeg and Noli Sunday, December 09, 2018 Rating: 5
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