Days of Albanology gathered Albanian scholars

 It was held on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of December the IX Edition of the Days of Albanology by the Academy of Albanological Studies. The opening speech of the activities is held by the Rector of the Academy of Albanological Studies, Prof. dr. Marenglen Verli. We remind this year has been an important year dedicated to Skanderbeg. This year has coincided with a number of other activities such as the 140th anniversary of the Albanian League of Prizren, the 110th anniversary of the Congress of Monastery, the 100th anniversary of the Kosovo National Protection Committee, etc.

On 3 December is the Scientific Conference "Skanderbeg and His era", where referred Aurel Plasari with "Today and the Future of Skanderbegian Studies"; Elvana Metalla, "Kruja in the Middle Ages, Re-evaluation on Archaeological Data"; Skënder Muçaj - Suela Xhyheri for "Kastriot and other Albanian nobles in the field of defense and Church constructions in the XIII-XV centuries; Prof. dr. Adem Bunguri for "The Contribution of Archeology to the Identification of the Skanderbeg Fortifications in the Dibra Region"; Eduart Caka with "An analysis of the source aspect in the Albanian Scanderbeg historiography (with focus on Ottoman documentation and literature)"; Xenophon Krisafis with "Skanderbeg's Foreign Policy and Diplomacy"; Gazmend Shuza with "The issue of the alphabet at the Congress of Dibra"; Spring Bogdani with "Balsha's State a deja vu of Skanderbeg State; Halil Shabani, "The Musicians and Delvina, Skanderbeg's allies from" Lower Arbëria"; Dorian Koci with "The image of the historical figure of Gjergj Kastrioti Scanderbeg in the Albanian Pashaliks (1784-1831); Ermela Broci with "A bibliographic study on Skanderbeg: 1940-1990; Olsi Lelaj with "The National Hero: An Anthropological Perspective"; Aferdita Onuzi with "The Albanian Apparel in the XIV-XV Centuries (ethnographic reflection)"; Mikaela Minga with "Fan Noli, Skanderbeg and the Music", Miaser Dibra with "Reflections on Expressive Emotional Communication on Oral Heritage for Skanderbeg"; Dr. Nebi Bardhoshi with "Ethnography for Skanderbeg: anthropological cosmology on the figure of the hero." Valter Memisha, "Scientific insights on Skanderbeg figure in the pages of the magazine Philological Studies, etc. On the second day, on December 4, took place the Conference "100 Years of Archaeological excavations in Albania. Austro-Hungarian Presence in Albanian Archeology ". This conference, which came as a collaboration between the Institute of Archeology (near ASA), the Austrian Embassy in Tirana and the National Historical Museum, recalls the contribution of the Austro-Hungarian missions to Albanian archeology and aims to provide a general overview of their scientific journey. During the third day of activities of Albanology Days is opened in the premises of the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Art Study exhibition on "An ethnography for Skanderbeg's Time".

Through this exhibition was aimed to present Albanian culture in the Middle Ages. The objects that were exposed were: clothing, jewelery, household appliances, Skanderbeg's weapons, etc.

The exhibition was organized by the curator Afërdita Onuzi, Ermela Broci and two fundraisers Vilma Nallbani and Migena Dukagjini.
Days of Albanology gathered Albanian scholars Days of Albanology gathered Albanian scholars Sunday, December 09, 2018 Rating: 5
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