Veliaj: Every wedding and birth in Tirana to be celebrated with a tree

Erion Veliaj and Municipal employees planting trees
Erion Veliaj and Municipal employees planting trees

 Tirana Mayor Erion Veliaj continued the planting of trees in the area known as the former Aviation Field in Unit 7, from there he appealed to all young people who have decided to crown their love in Tirana, but also couples who have just become parents, to celebrate the important event of their life by planting a tree.

"For the first time in this year we will not condition, but we will encourage all those who who get married or register their newborn children by planting a tree. It is a friendly condition, not that we do not have the obligation to give the marriage or birth certificate, but we want to make it conditional on emancipating the parents. Only in Unit 7, where every day 3 couples are married, there will get planted 1000 trees a year. If every unit planted 1000 trees a year from marriages and 2-3 thousand births, we would really have a much more friendly city," Mayor Veliaj said.

He also called on businesses developing their business in Tirana, as well as any other citizen, to join the tree planting initiative to leave the city a legacy for the future. He expressed his conviction that Tirana in this new season of planting will break the record of the last year.

"I want to invite businesses, palace administrators, community liaisons, each pointing to a place in its area. Trees are the only thing that can be planted at any time, on rainy days, sunny, throughout the months of November to April, so I believe we will break the record we had for 150 thousand trees a year. The beginning looks good, but everyone should make a contribution. The state and the municipality can do some things, but some other things require a contribution and help from all, so I look forward to seeing new couples and those who enroll their newborn children in Tirana together with the relevant certificates to get their own label to plant a new tree for a new life and for a new family coming to our town," said Veliaj.

The Mayor emphasized that this season the Municipality of Tirana will organize the planting campaign not only in parks, but also in every square, street and every neighborhood of the city. "We will have two types of planting: in park areas such as Lake Park, Farka, Kashar and urban areas, where we are looking for space in every corner of the palace where we can plant trees..."
Veliaj: Every wedding and birth in Tirana to be celebrated with a tree Veliaj: Every wedding and birth in Tirana to be celebrated with a tree Friday, November 02, 2018 Rating: 5
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