Tirana's Block Bloodshed, new details revealed

 New details came to light relating to the tragedy that took place in Thursday's evening in former block, where one person was killed and two others are receiving medical help at Tirana Hospital.

Unofficial sources say to Oculus News that one of the persons wanted by the police is also a military, a member of the Commando Force, Nervjol Bilo, who is also suspected of being the person who shot. At that moment Bilo has been in the company of Ervin Mata, the lover of the Albanian songstress, Elvana Gjata.

Criminology experts are watching security cameras to learn more details about this serious event.

Elvana Gjata
Elvana Gjata and the crime scene
About three weeks ago, the Albania singer Elvana Gjata, along with another girl of the Albanian ShowBiz, were in a BAR in Tirana.

At the same BAR were drinking also Ervis Martinaj, 36, and Eljon Hato, 28. Martinaj is a well-known name for the Albanian police, at that moment he was accompanied by his bodyguard, 28-year-old Fabjol Gaxha. The latter has disturbed the friend of Elvana Gjata, while the latter asked help from her beloved, Ervin Mata.

While Oculus News found that Marviol Bilo, an officer of the Army Command Force, a jenny specialist, who participated 3 times in military missions in Afghanistan, was also the bodyguard of the songstress.

Marviol Bilo
Marviol Bilo
Ther Murder on Thursday night

At about 21:00 in the BAR "Monopol", Tirana, two different tables were drinking wine - in one table were Ervin Mata, Fabiol Alushi and Marviol Bilo as well as another person not involved in the event. Elvana Gjata was also present.

In the other table were Ervis Martini and Eljon Hato. Things between the parties were quiet and there was no communication. At about 9:30 pm Fabiol Gaxha arrived at the BAR.

As soon as Mata saw him asked clarifications, as three weeks ago he disturbed his girlfriend, the well-known singer Elvana Gjata along with another girl. There was a debate, while the singer left from the scene.

Ervin MAta
Ervin Mata
Initially there was a physical confrontation and Mata punched him several times, crushing down the ground 28-year-old Fabiol Gaxha. Meanwhile, Ervis Martinaj and Eljon Hato came to the aid. At these moments, Fabiol Gaxha pulled out his pistol.

But the fastest in shooting was the commando Marviol Bilo, who shot Gaxha with a bullet in the head. After this, the fire broke out between the two groups, while the injured were Ervis Martinaj and Eljon Hato. After shooting the authors come out quickly from the BAR. In the security camere can be seen that one of them left on foot, the other got the car while the third is not disclosed.

The police sequestered 11 shells at the scene, a Glok pistol, 10,000 Euro and 3 vehicles. A few hours after the crime, law enforcement officers found an abandoned engine in the Zoo of Tirana, which allegedly could be used by two of the perpetrators to leave the scene.

Who is the former commando

Marviol Bilo, 41, an officer of the Army Command Force, Janetist, who has participated 3 times in military missions in Afghanistan. After the incident he was suspended from the department. It is learned that Bilo is officially employed as a bodyguard for the singer Elvana Gjata, a fact that was known to the commando department where he was part.

Fabiol Gaxha, was killed during the collision

It is a well-known name for the Albanian police and the judiciary. The 28-year-old was wanted by the police for the indictment of attempted murder for a 27 August incident on Tasim Shehu Street.

FAbjol Gaxha
Fabjol Gaxha
He fired to a drug dealer, 30-year-old Andi Spahiu, who even though he got 4 bullets did not died. Thus the young man, Gaxha, was declared wanted for the criminal offense of "Attempted Murder". But how could the 28-year-old move freely in the capital and be more exposed by staying in the lofts of the former block in the heart of the capital?

Ervis Martinaj, the businessman who manages every time to escape from justice

Eljon Hato

Ervis Martinaj, one of the two wounded, who administers sports betting companies, is well-known to the police in some other cases. The most striking case is the murder of Enton Nikaj in Linza, Tirana, an event he was also arrested for. At the moment of the murder he was present.

He was charged for not denouncing the crime and the Tirana Court sentenced him to two years in prison, but the Appeal Court broke this decision for him and two other persons charged with the same criminal offense. While the main author of this event, the citizen Emiljano Tasho, was charged with murder and sentenced to 14 years in prison.

The second wounded

Eljon Hato is wounded in serious condition. The bullets have touched his vital organs. Hato has been charged with a murder in Shkodra in 2014.
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