Scientist Taulant Muka denounces Albania Vice Minister Ervin Demo for plagiarism

Taulant MUka
Taulant Muka

 Taulant Muka, an unknown scientist for Albanians to date but well known internationally, got the public atention recently for denouncing the plagiarism of the Deputy Minister of Education, Ervin Demo.

Titlet 'The University and Technology Transfer', the work presented by the deputy minister in the international scientific journal is 100% a copy, says Taulant in an interview to Balkanweb, who has studied at Harvard and is currently the head of a research team at a center in Switzerland where he is also a pedagogue.

"And if you look further you can find other copies of reports the vice minister Ervin Demo sent to World Bank."
Ervin Demo
Ervin Demo
Taulant Muko says that the country and young students need to be guided by people with integrity and academic values, in order for the Education to contain passion. A simple search on Google you can find out more about lecturers in our universities.

"Those who are introduced to us as professors may not deserve that position, so this is why the youth suffers and cannot find place in the market."

"Albanian students can control a copy of a paragraph and check each student has the right to control 'tire teachers." says the Albanian scientist.

News24 was interested in the Ministry of Education for a response from the accused Ervin Demo, but there is no response to the denounced case.
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