List of Albanian journalists and portals paid by Greeks, real or fake?!

List of Albanian journalists and portals paid by Greeks, real or fake?!

 Athens Prosecution intervened to investigate the secret funds provided to Albanian media and journalists.

It is about Albanian portals and Institutions, while this list is published by some portals as a whole, by some others are published only the portals, based on their interest:

These are portals and institutions: Albanian Free Press - and ),, Himara.Gr, Epirus (newspaper in northern Greece), and Albanian Institute of Media Studies.

It is alleged that these list of names have been published by Greek newspaper Eleftheri Ora.

Some known journalists are shown in the ilist, portal owners, politicians, former ministers, analysts, unknown city persons but serving the interests of former Prime Minister Kotzias without the directives of the Greek state, but who are they, are names of public figures in the neighboring state of Albania.

Qamil Lirza, proffesor at the University has received a total of 63,000 Euros.

Olta Gixhari, Actor 12.000 Euros

Shpetim Idrizi, President of the Main Cham Party in Albania 340.000 Euros

Dashamir Tahiri, former Chams deputy, has benefited 25.000 Euros.

Eni Vasili, TV Journalist, has benefited 20,000 Euros.

Mustafa Nano, TV Journalist, has benefited 30,000 Euros.

Artan Hoxha, Artur Zheji, Kosta Braka, Henri Cili, Alfred Cako, Mentor Nazarko, Ardit Gjebrea, Ervin Salianji, Menror Nazarko, Noizy, Rudina Magician, Erion Veliaj, Anila Basha, Sonila Meco and many others make up the rest 1 million Euro distributed and abused by order of former Minister Kotzias.

While a few days after the first list, another list is published with other journalists, this time by :

Lorenc Vangjel, TV reporter has benefited 7000 Euros.

Sokol Balla - Show man Tv has benefited in 2016 20,000 Euros.

Zajmina Vasjari, songstress 21000 Euros.

Anastas Angjeli deputy of Socialist Party and Greek minority member has benefited spartan helmets with a value of 20,000 Euros.

Dashamir Tahiti, the former deputy of Cham Party, has received 20000 Euros.

Shpetim Idrizi, head of Cham Party is back on the list, but this time as a receiver from
Greek Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Greek Intelligence Service, acquiring a
total of 680.000 Euros in the last 7 years, and is shown as the most effective removing from Albanian political scene Festim Lato on falsified documents by Arben Llalla where they accuse him as not appropriate for the Chams, by proclaiming him as enemy, an impressive work of Shpetim Idrizi who faced successfully Greece's No. 1 Enemy.

Majlinda Bregu, former MP has benefited 34,000 Euros.

Laert Basili, actor, has benefited 11,000 Euros.

Armand Krojani, Theater actress, has benefited 27,000 Euros, signed personally by the former minister Kotzias.

Arjan Culi, Albanian opinionist has benefited 20,000 Euros.

Ylli Rakipi, Journalist, 24,000 Euros

Andi Tela, Director of  a newspaper, 20,000 Euros.

But this is not a complete list, it is suspected there are plenty of other media and jornalists that have not yet been made public.

It is suspected that Albanian media and journalists have benefited over the years millions of euros from the neighboring country, but recently the neighboring country's attention was focused on the maritime delimitation agreement between the two countries. It is suspected that the funding has been made for not treating or leaving in silence the Cham issue and the splitting of the water borders.

While after this scandal in the Albanian public arena, some well known journalists have reacted:

Artur Zheji, a well known Albanian journalist has reacted with a long editorial in his portal by suggesting that this is a fake list made in Tirana and Athens, made by Greek spies and Albanian traitors to hide the real Albanian journalists and spies paid by the Greeks.

While the same thing has done another well known journalist, Mentor Nazarko, stressing that no Greek newspaper either online nor in print has published a single Albanian name.

However in an investigation by Oculus News, has turned out that no single name from the abovementioned is mentioned in the Greek newspaper Eleftheri Ora (online).

However, there is an interesting fact to note: despite the fact that Albanian portals and journalists have different opinions about this scandal, almost all agree that the phenomenon of Albanian journalists funding by Greek Governments exists, That means that even in the moment you are reading this, there are Albanian journalists paid by the Greeks.

Seems that the portals agree with the list of portals financed by the Greeks (Albanian Free Press - and ),, Himara.Gr, Epirus (newspaper in northern Greece), and Albanian Institute of Media Studies), having in mind that this list is published by all the portals, but they disagree on the names off the journalists.

While the Albanian journalist Robert Goro, who lives in Greece, says the list of politicians and journalists published in the Albanian media about secret funding has not been reported by the Greek media.

Through a Skype connection from Greece to TV Klan, Goro said the name of the newspaper was mentioned, but the newspaper had no information about the list published in Albania.

The journalist indicated that the list will never be heard, as it is available only by the minister and two close associates.

According to him, the Greek Parliament said that this fund was used in Albania, Macedonia and some other country for certain reasons.

Concerning the creation of the debate, Goro said that everything started with mutual accusations between the Defense Minister and the Foreign Minister regarding the abuse of secret funds.

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