Archaeological site 'of treasuries' found in Turan of Albania

 In an agricultural area near the city of Korça, Southeastern Albania, during the diggings for the construction of the pipeline from Albania to Italy, the workers were surprised by the discovery of an antique centre filled with treasures dating back to the Neolithic Period.

This discovery, according to archaeologists, is a unique reflection of 5,000 years history.

The excavations near the Turan village ended a week ago, after 18 months of work; where one of the largest ancient cemeteries in Albania came to light, with about 1,000 layered burials, some of which were thought to have been modelled. Also during these excavations archaeologists have found that beneath the lower layer are the traces of a rare Neolithic settlement, where the skeletons of houses and small huts are distinguished.
But according to the archaeologist Iris Pojani, the works on the pipeline has provided the opportunity and necessary funds to dig out of an unusual area inhabited by the Neolithic era. More than 20 Neolithic countries have been found in Albania, dating back to the 7th to the 3rd century BC, which are some of the earliest agricultural settlements in Europe.

A team of 50 Albanian archaeologists begun excavations on an area of 4000 square meters; where they were found: three cemeteries from the Iron Age, at the end of the Roman period and the Middle Ages. Pojani says that "people have chosen during all periods to live in this area, because has been always a prosperous agricultural area."

From the archaeological excavations came to light many valuable ocjects such as rings, bracelets, earrings, glass containers and glass beads, gold coins, many ceramic objects, including local objects used in the 11th century or 10th centuries BC. Wine dishes have also been discovered that have been popular in neighboring Greece; gloves and medium-sized wooden articles made of silver thread, spears, knives and swords.

The village of Turan is located 180 kilometers southeast of Tirana, and this discovery is one of the most important of the other 30 sites found during the laying of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline or TAP, which will bring natural gas from Azerbaijan through Turkey , Greece and Albania, and throughout the Adriatic in southern Italy.
Archaeological site 'of treasuries' found in Turan of Albania

According to an official statement, it is alleged that excavation for collection and documentation of facilities has been completed and no more archaeological findings are expected. "We have discovered many objects, silverware, weapons ... many ceramic items," says Iris Pojani, the chief archaeologist of Abkons, who has set up her expedition in Turan.

"There are guns, spears, arrows, knives and maybe even swords. We have found many silverware like rings, earrings, amber and glass beads, many of them."

In addition, the team of 50 archaeologists has discovered hundreds of skeletons, graves and objects from the Iron Age (1100 BC) to the late Roman era (200-600 BC), even graves belonging to the Medieval period.

"Under the Iron Age layer, a Neolithic era was found and we discovered a village and many, many objects related to this period."

The Neolithic era is the last period of the Stone Age and precedes the Bronze Age.
Archaeological site 'of treasuries' found in Turan of Albania Archaeological site 'of treasuries' found in Turan of Albania Sunday, October 07, 2018 Rating: 5
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