Two Kosovo Security Members arrested by Serbia, are released

Two Kosovo Security Members arrested by Serbia, are released

 The two Serbs from Kosovo who are members of Kosovo Security Force were arrested after crossing the border point in Brnjak and now were released.

Their release was confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

Rheir release was made yesterday, at 10:00 a.m.

Relating to the ban of KSF members by Serbia after crossing the border in Bernjak, the Kosovo MFA reacted on Friday.

This ministry in her reaction expressed indignation over Serbia's behavior.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs protests about such improper and tendentious behavior towards the members of the Institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, with particular emphasis on the members of the KSF and the Kosovo Serb community," is said among others in the reaction of the MFA.

The arrest of members of the KSF by Serbia is not the only case. Serbian police arrested several years ago some Kosovo Police officers at the Kosovo-Serbia border.

Also, in 2016 Serbia had arrested Nehat Thaci, at that time the Police Director of South Mitrovica, whom Serbia accused of terrorism.
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