How the Republic of Mirdita was established, who were the ministers and deputies

The flag of the Republic of Mirdita
 By Leon Molla                                         The flag of the Republic of Mirdita

 Mirdita remained free and full of rights as an autonomous province as well as a Principality since 1491. Mirdita as a Principality had often under protection Shala, Shosh, Han, Hot, Gruda, The Highland, Kelmendi, Prizren, Skopje, Kurbin and Lezha.

The biggest political difficulties, Mirdita would pass in 1919 and later, after some highlanders of Shkodra paid by the Serbs killed in the vicinity of Lezha the Prince of Mirdita Preng Bib Dodë (Gjomarkaj) and in revenge some Mirditas who were in Shkodra committed some massacres and killings on Shkodra residents as a revenge for their Prince.
Map of the Republic of Mirdita
Map of the Republic of Mirdita 
Almost 740 fighters were gathered in Mirdita in order to attack Shkodra  to take revenge on their Prince assassination. Immediately the French Consul in Shkodra called for an urgent meeting with Marka Gjoni (Gjomarkaj) and asked him to intervene and calm the people, this was achieved, Marka Gjoni (Gjomarkaj) managed to turne back the Mirditas forces near Naraci. In 1920, the government of Tirana planned to dissolve Mirdita by breaking it into three parts (Prefectures).

This game of Tirana irritated Djomarkaj's Gate and all Mirditas, so the Mirdita's First Door called an urgent meeting of the 12 Bajraktari (a kind of big tribe unit) and all the tribal heads to decided on the fate of Mirdita. All the people came to the mountain and positioned near the borders that separated Shkodra, Lezha, Kurbin, Mat, Debar and Kukës. Already in the whole country was declared in a state of emergency. The First Door and the Mirdita Leaders finally discussed and decided that Mirdita be declared as the REPUBLIC OF MIRDITA with a President, Constitution, and Administration.

They also started sending their telegrams to the Western states seeking to recognize it as a Republic in a very short time, the Mirdita Republic is firstly recognised by France, since Mirdita's ties with France were old since the Prince of Mirdita Preng Bib Doda (Gjomarkaj ) was the Godfather of Napoleon Bonaparte III and France was the guarantor of European diplomacy to defend the inviolability of Mirdita. Beginning after France, the Mirdita Republic is recognized by Austria, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Vatican. Mirdita was declared a Republic on July 21, 1921.

The District of Mirdita, today
The District of Mirdita today
President of the Republic of Mirdita: Gjon Marka Gjoni (Gjomarkaj). Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andon Ashiku. Minister of War: Prenk Lleshi. Minister of Internal Affairs: Zef Ndoci. 12 Deputies of the Republic of Mirdita were the 12 Mirdita Bajraktars. After the news that Mirdita was proclaimed a republic and was recognized by Western states, immediately the forces of the Tirana launched a military offensive towards Mirdita where a titanic war was made, which was reflected by the entire International Media with the headlines: "The Republic of Albania attacks militarily the Republic of Mirdita." So it was clear that the Republic of Mirdita was recognized in the West as a Government, Flag, Stamp, etc. but this would not last long as the President of the Republic of Mirdita Gjon Marka Gjoni (Gjomarkaj) demanded that Mirdita stop the war because according to him is intended not to shed brotherly blood.

Eventually, in the history of Europe, the Republic of Mirdita was recognized, as it was previously known as the untouched Principality for 500 in a row, while the "intellectuals" of Albania, same as they fathers attacked it militarily, are attacking Mirdita today and deny the history and the fact that once Mirdita was a Republic recognised internationally.
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