Turkish submarine anchored in Durres Port

Turkish submarine anchored in Durres Port

 Since March 22, in Durres Port is anchored the Turkish submarine TCG PREVAZE S 353, which stands in Albania in the framework of military relations and cooperation between Turkey and Albania.

The submarine was visited by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Albania, Petro Koci, the Ambassador of Turkey in Tirana, Murat Ahmet Yörük, the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Albania, Brigadier General Bardhyl Collollaku, from the Navy Forces of Albania, and military forces of Albania and Turkey.

Albania's Deputy Minister of Defense Petro Koci said in a statement to Turkish State News Agency (AA) that the cooperation in the military field context of the two countries is excellent, adding that Turkey provides annually significant financial assistance to the Albanian Armed Forces.

"This visit proves that the military cooperation with Turkey is continuing to intensify. The best demonstration is the high-level visits being carried out between the Defense Ministers of Albania and Turkey or at other higher levels, such as Prime Minister Rama's meeting with President Erdoğan. This is a military co-operation in the service of peace and stability and is a sign that Turkey continues to support the modernization of the Armed Forces of Albania. This is a brotherly and continuous assistance of the Republic of Turkey that we welcome. We are grateful to Turkey and our communication is continuous and intensive," said Koçi.

The Ambassador Yörük, speaking to AA stressed that visiting the Turkish submarine in Albania is a reflection of the good relations between Turkey and Albania in all areas, including the military field.

"The relations between Turkey and Albania are at a perfect level. Defense relations in the military field between the two countries are too intense and highly productive for the benefit of both countries. Thanks to the support and assistance that Turkey has given, today Albania is a NATO member country, it is our ally in NATO. We want this very good cooperation in the military field to diversify and further deepen. In the framework of this cooperation in the military field today in the Port of Izmir we are waiting for a ship of the Naval Forces of Albania," said the ambassador of Turkey in Tirana.

The purpose of the Turkish submarine visit is to further develop military relations and co-operation between Turkey and Albania, as well as to inform the Albanian authorities about the military capabilities of the Republic of Turkey.

The submarine TCG PREVEZE, which will stay in the Port of Durres until March 25, is 62 meters long and weighs 1,400 tons.
Turkish submarine anchored in Durres Port Turkish submarine anchored in Durres Port Sunday, March 25, 2018 Rating: 5
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