Albanian talent Lindon Selahi: I'm interested to play for Albania or Belgium, not Macedonia

Lindon Selahi
Lindon Selahi

 An interesting story is that of the Albanian talent, Lindon Selahi, who celebrated on Sunday evening at the "Bodied King" stadium with the national flag the triumph of his team Standard Liege against Genk (1-0) in the final of Belgium Cup.

Selahi (19 years) though did not played a minute, celebrated the victory in a particular manner, showing his origin.

 The Sellahi family is from Kumanovo, Macedonia. His grandparents have emigrated to Turkey 60 years ago. However, life on the promised land did not like them and after 4-5 years decide to leave. They moved to Namyr, Belgium, where they are still living today. In Namyr is born also the father of Lindon. Although born in this city, the Selah family has managed to maintain the Albanian language and traditions, the grandfather's supreme will.

Lindon Selahi with his parents
Lindon Selahi with his parents
Lajm contacted the player, who gave an exclusive interview for our readers.

Lindon, tell us how your career has started?

Lindon Selahi

I started playing football since I was 7 years old. Initially in Namyr, then I went to the football academies of football in Standard Liege and Anderlecht. Then after two years I went back to Standard where I am today. I played for all standard chain teams. From November 2017 I am part of the first team and now I'm waiting to debut in an official match at the Belgian championship.

What is your position in the field?

I play as midfielder.

On Sunday evening you won the Belgian Cup with the Standard. You did not played but you celebrated with the Albanain national flag. How was the feeling?

This was the club's goal, as we have now secured participation in the qualifications of the European League. I did not played, I was in the bank and I was expecting the case. I was glad we won the cup. I was quite excited. It's my first trophy with the Standard. After the end of the match I took the national flag and celebrated on the field. It was an unforgettable evening.

Since you are born in Belgium, have you played for the new age groups of Belgium?

I was part of the last gathering with Belgium U19.

Did you had any contact from Albanian Football Federation?

With Albania we had contacts earlier, and in the last few months we did not. Now I'm concentrating on Standard.

Which national would you choose: Belgium, Macedonia or Albania?

I have Belgian citizenship. I'm not interested in Macedonia, but only Albania or Belgium. However, now I can not say anything because I did not spoke with team coach U21, nor with coach of the national team of Albania.

Your favorite player?

Modric and Kroos are my favorite footballers.

Any desire?

My desire is to qualify for the Belgian play-off at the end of the season with the Standard and be part of the team.
Albanian talent Lindon Selahi: I'm interested to play for Albania or Belgium, not Macedonia Albanian talent Lindon Selahi: I'm interested to play for Albania or Belgium, not Macedonia Wednesday, March 21, 2018 Rating: 5
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