Albanian Literature at Leipzig 2018 Book Fair

Albanian Literature at Leipzig 2018 Book Fair

 Albanian Literature is presented at the Book Fair, Leipzig 2018. The Albanian scute has been conceived as a place of promotion and conversation on contemporary Albanian creativity focused on addressing the theme of memory, adapting to radical historical changes, emigration, coexistence and integration.

From March 15 to March 18, Albanian literature is presented at the Leipzig Fair, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture.

What the ministry calls best Albanian letters in recent years is represented by contemporary and internationally valued national and international writers in the last three years, such as: Bashkim Shehu, winner of the Balkanika 2015 Prize, Rudi Erebara, winner of European Literature Prize, Idlir Azizaj, Author of the Year "2017, Agron Tufa" Author of the Year of Book Fair", Parid Teferici, Virion Graçi, Luljeta Lleshanaku, Romeo Çollaku and others.

The younger generation is presented by Manjola Nasin, translator and poet who brings an urban and imaging lyric. This is a great opportunity for Albanian authors to present themselves with readings, open interviews with the public, to make contacts with publishers that open the way to translations in other languages.

The Ministry of Culture thought to pay homage to the writer Kasem Trebeshina at the Albanian board, presenting him after death and for the first time in public ministry declarations as a symbol of dissidence. Trebeshin's profile is accompanied by a brief presentation of the novel "Odin Mondvalsen", which has already been translated into German.

Leipzig Fair, which is the second major event in the German-speaking world after the Frankfurt Fair, has the characteristic of reading. The author and reader are closer than any other manifestation with the book.
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