Ohrid Lake in UNESCO, Albania submits the file

Ohrid Lake

 Albania is lobbying hard to make its part of Ohrid Lake part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cross-border candidacy file will be finalized within the first month of 2017 to be officially submitted later in March. The Macedonian side is also working on this project.

At the end of May this year, the National Council of Restorations approved the proposal for defining the limits of the possible expansion of the Ohrid Lake World Heritage Zone and its area. Based on the results gathered by a number of foreign and domestic institutions, the areas for which the file will be prepared are: the lake shore line, the features of the landscape of the Lin peninsula and the village itself, the critical areas for the scenic lake integrity (Driloni, the landscape of the shore north of Lin) as well as the areas where paleontic settlements have been identified. This is an important part of the preparation of the nominal file to extend the Ohrid Lake Region's World Heritage to the Albanian part.

If this the Alanian part of Ohrid Lake will be approved for entry under UNESCO, then Albania will count four destinations, including Butrint (1992), Gjirokastra (2005) and Berat (2008). The Albanian Iso-Polifoniais is also also part of World Heritage (2005).

On the waiting list for UNESCO were the Amphitheater of Durres (1996), as well as the royal tombs in Selce (1996).
Ohrid Lake in UNESCO, Albania submits the file Ohrid Lake in UNESCO, Albania submits the file Thursday, February 01, 2018 Rating: 5
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