Dačić: USA is an enemy of Serbia

Ivica Dačić

 Serbia's Deputy Prime Minister Ivica Dacic has accused openly the world's most powerful states, as he said, are working against Serbia's interests.

"I can say that they are our friends. Far from friends for us are the United States, Great Britain and France. Here's why Vucic must hear my feeling, these places are not friendly to me. They do not work for our own interests. 

Not that they do not work for our interests, but they work directly against our interests. We can respect them as partners, far from being friends," Serbian media quoted Dacic as saying.

Great Britain and the US are the western countries that lobby for the recognition of Kosovo's independence.

Meanwhile, Dacic spoke earlier about his hope in Russia to not allow Kosovo's membership to the UN.
Dačić: USA is an enemy of Serbia Dačić: USA is an enemy of Serbia Saturday, December 30, 2017 Rating: 5
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