By 2050 Albania to be urbanised in 86% according UN statistics

UN statistics table
UN statistics table

 According to a recent report, Albania is expected to be among the countries with the largest urban population growth after Turkey by 2050. The UN projection shows that the Albanian urban population will reach 86.5%. In the specific data for our country, there is a decrease of the population by 6.6%. 

While the GDP per capita will increase, according to the report will reach $ 5997 in 2020 down from $ 3943 in 2015. On the other hand, revenue growth is projected to lead to a higher demand for food and certain types of food products, as consumer patterns vary ...

UN Projections shows that by 2050, the total population of the Central and Eastern European region will increase by 9.7 million people.

The dynamics of the change of this population, however, vary across subregions and, respectively, in certain states. It is predicted that Turkey will experience the largest absolute increase in population, that of 17 million (or 21.8%). However, in relative terms, countries in Central Asia, such as Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, expect their populations to grow by 68.5% (or 5.8 million) and 38.3% (or 2.3 million) respectively by 2050. At the same time, European countries and Western Balkans countries are expected to decrease by 26.7 million and 2.6 million respectively.

The number of people living in urban areas is expected to grow across the region. By 2050, more than half the population of all ECA countries, except Tazistan (43.3%) and Kyrgyzstan (49.1%), will live in urban areas. These countries, together with Uzbekistan, are the largest sources of labor migration in the region, as well as the largest remittances, mainly from the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. At the regional leve.

The report reveals further that demographic trends will fuel food demand in Central Europe and Asia, which will shape the development of agro-cultural and food systems across the region.

Along with the overall population growth in the Asian region, the report further says, people's income is expected to grow. Turkmenistan, which is rich in natural gas and oil reserves, is among the countries expected to experience a significant GDP growth per capita from $ 6,990 in 2015 to $ 12,028 in 2022, the highest in the region. This assessment is based on the expected gradual rise in energy commodity prices.
By 2050 Albania to be urbanised in 86% according UN statistics By 2050 Albania to be urbanised in 86% according UN statistics Tuesday, December 12, 2017 Rating: 5
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