Rama to Serbian Prime Ana Brnabic: Recognise Kosovo, liberate yourself from the past

"Good neighborliness and mutual cooperation in the common good of citizens is the best future for Albania and Serbia." this is what Prime Minister Edi Rama declared in the 10th edition of the World Policy Conference held in Morocco dedicated to Global Governance.

Rama was invited to the panel on "The Future of Southeastern Europe", together with Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, where he talked about the importance of regional cooperation and the role of Albania in this cooperation as well as the country's integration challenges in EU.

"What I see as a very positive reflection of this, is that many things are changing in terms of the population. It is a new way of living in the Balkans, a way that is radically detached from the culture of how we lived in the past," said Rama.

In the framework of the prospect of regional cooperation and good neighborly relations, Prime Minister Rama emphasized among other things that by recognizing Kosovo, Serbia will take a big step forward and be relieved from the burden of the past.

"Kosovo is today a Republic. It is there and functions as an independent, sovereign state, with its institutions, and I am very happy to say, with a very admirable model of respect for minorities, primarily for the Serbian minority, who has representation in parliament, in government. My conviction is, it has always been and remains that, recognizing Kosovo, Serbia will make a big step forward and be relieved of from the burden of the past, which is a hindrance to look into the future."

Speaking on the prospect of EU enlargement with new aspirant countries, Rama said the countries are at a different historic moment, that of completing the process being launched.

"We are at a different historical moment, compared to the rapid expansion phase of the beginning. We now face the need to complete the process started before. It is not just about enlargement, but about the completion of this process. Above all, Europe's strategic need lies not to leave the Balkans as a gray area, where other actors can put their hands on and promote their agendas, fueling possible conflicts."

The Prime Minister emphasized among other things that it is very important for Balkan countries to be part of the European project as a factor for a safer Europe. "It is very important to complete this project, exactly for the same reason that anti-europeans emphasize, precisely for the reason of security."

The prime minister said among other things that today's Balkans is clearly positioned for the EU and is working hard on this prospect. "What we are doing today in the region is not happening because we are different from our predecessors who did wars. This is happening because in this region there is a strong pro-European sentiment. This region is the right place to understand how attractive Europe is for people who know what war is....
Rama to Serbian Prime Ana Brnabic: Recognise Kosovo, liberate yourself from the past Rama to Serbian Prime Ana Brnabic: Recognise Kosovo, liberate yourself from the past Friday, November 03, 2017 Rating: 5
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