Dutch authorities worried about Albanians criminal activity in Netherlands

dutch police in action
Dutch special forces in action

 A large number of unregistered Albanians in the Netherlands have alerted local authorities for their dubious activity.

Approximately 20,000 Albanians stay for a relatively short period in the Netherlands and only 800 are legally registered. Dutch police and justice suspect thet many of them have criminal activities, "Panorama" reports.

"There is a suspicion that they are rapidly climbing to the highest levels of crime. It seems that Albanians are more than the average active crime in Amsterdam recently, so we would like to know how many Albanians are here," Amsterdam prosecutor Maaike van Kampen said.

To prove the number of Albanians staying in the Netherlands, in the summer, a specialized agency monitored Albanian web sites being clicked from the Dutch territory via smartphones and tablets.

It turned out that with the smartphone there were 35,953 unique visitors and 4475 visitors from tablets. These high figures are probably because an Albanian can have more than one smartphone in use.

That is why the Dutch authorities have taken the figure of 20,000 Albanians and not more than 35,000.

Dutch Justice Minister Justine Asbroek also says that the activity of Albanians in the Netherlands is very suspicious.

"If we compare these numbers to 800 registered Albanians, this is a very large number. Albanians arrested here almost always have an unclear history of their activity in the Netherlands. The suspicion is that a significant part of them is involved in the crime world," Minister Asbroek said.

"The growth of Albanians is worrying. In the UK they control 60% of the cocaine market and are very violent. By intensifying cooperation between the police, the judiciary, the tax authorities and the municipality of Amsterdam, we want to prevent them from intertwining with the upper world of crime," prosecutor van Kampen added.

According to the Dutch authorities, there is a close co-operation with the Italian counterparts to identify Albanians involved in criminal activities in both states..
Dutch authorities worried about Albanians criminal activity in Netherlands Dutch authorities worried about Albanians criminal activity in Netherlands Thursday, November 16, 2017 Rating: 5
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