UEFA proclaimed Suad Sahiti best player in Skenderbeu - Young Boys match

suad salihi interview

 Skanderbeg's midfielder, Suad Sahiti, is declared the best player of the game in the match against Young Boys on UEFA official site by fan votes.  

He shows that he is trying to behave as a profession without being influenced by the many praise he has received from the media since his transfer to Korça.

"It is a special feeling especially for us young players to play in the European League groups, one of the strongest competitions. I am happy with Skanderbeg and hope to continue this and to please all Albanians.

In the footsteps of Latifi? Liridon was one of Skanderbeg's best and has done a very good job. I'm here to give my best and to go in any European team.

The Macedonian Championships Compared to the Albanian Championships?

The Macedonian championship is good but not as strong as the Albanian championship. Here is played faster and the opponents are better. I will try to focus as soon as possible in the squad because we have a good team of players and there is a good atmosphere.

Great praise from the media?

We are professional and we know what the media can do, they can raise you up and down too. We have to work hard for the best results, doing everything we can to succeed with Skanderbeg," said Sahiti after the match for to Supersport./Oculus News

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