Davutoglu: there are 80 million Albanians living in Turkey

Davutoglu speaking at tetovo university

 Following the lecture he held at the University of Tetova yesteday, former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was asked about the Turkish state support to Albanians and Albanian-Turkish relations.

Davutoglu said that when talking about Albanian-Turkish relations, people think it's a matter of two sides. "It's not like that! Albanians and Turks are one. There can be no two sides between the brothers," Davutoglu said.

He also said Albanians are not alone, and they should always know that there are 80 million Albanians living in Turkey. "Albanians live in six countries. This is not
fully accurate. But think as if 80 million Albanians live in Turkey," Davutoglu said.

After completing the lecture at the University of Tetova, Davutoglu received gifts from representatives of this institution, to continue his visit to Tetovo visiting the Mosque, where he will also pray for the luncheon, Tetovo media reports./Oculus News

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