"Greece - Albania Sea Agreement", Tsipras seeks help from Gentiloni

 From the island of Corfu, at the first Greek-Italian intergovernmental conference, Alexis Tsipras and Paulo Gentiloni, together with six ministers of each government, laid the foundations for a resumption of Italoian-Greek relations, but also for what they called "architecture the Eurozone and Europe".

"We have been called to declare our position as citizens of Europe in a new perspective: the prospects of the countries of the south, with great stories and opportunities, places that should not be left isolated from Europe but to play a leading role" Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said.

Under the auspices of this meeting are signed bilateral investment agreements , including the completion of the sale to the Greek train company, the Italian "Ferrovie Dello Stato Italiano", which aims to invest more than 500 million euros in Greece's rail network.

Among other things, it is also discussed the very important issue for both countries, that of emigration, for which Greece and Italy have sought to share the weight with other EU member states.

"This is a message about the need to adjust the rules we have because it is right - and we will continue to repeat it - that the weight should not only fall in some countries, especially Italy and Greece," said Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni .

The issue of "EEZ" was also on the agenda, due to Ionian oil and gas exploration, and the concession by Greece of some of its maritime areas to foreign companies, including Italian ones.

It is said that the Greek side has asked the Italian to become part of the resolution of the sea shelf between Greece, Italy and Albania, highlighting the problems that have arisen with Tirana after the cancellation of the 2009 sea agreement between Greece and Albania by the Constitutional Court of Albania./Oculus News

"Greece - Albania Sea Agreement", Tsipras seeks help from Gentiloni "Greece - Albania Sea Agreement", Tsipras seeks help from Gentiloni Thursday, September 14, 2017 Rating: 5
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