Made in Albania ginger cultivation began

ginger in albanian field

 The widespread use of ginger in Albania has inspired local farmers to start cultivating it on their parcels.

The ginger is valued worldwide not only for its high health values, but also as a highly lucrative, successful business.

Ginger is being cultivated recently across the Mediterranean shores, but also in protected environments to avoid possible frosts. Even in Albania, the creation of appropriate climate conditions for ginger growth has driven some farmers to increase it in coastal areas where the climate is warmer.

Ginger grows in a warm and humid climate. This culture requires good irrigation both from rain and installed irrigation systems. In Albania, low seaside lands are affected by a typical Mediterranean climate with temperate winters and wet summers.

This is a typical climate that comes to the aid of Albanian farmers who have started the first steps to plant the ginger. Two of the initiators who started this cultivation told to that ginger requires maximum care, but worth it when dealing with such a rare product.

One of the fans of this new culture, Fatmir Janaqi says, "Initially, we started as an experiment, but then we saw that everything was going well and we had an unprecedented demand from certain market places for Made in Albania ginger. I managed to win millions because of this new culture "

The ginger needs dense fertilization and the tuber is ready after 8-10 months from the planting period, however it depends on the planted variety. When it is completely ripe, the leaves of the ginger become yellow and the skewers begin to dry. Ginger is a very lucrative and beneficial healthcare product. It is widely used in folk medicine.

The ginger that we buy on the market is the full variant of the plant, but the tuber is found in the form of dust, oil, etc. In the Albanian markets, one kilogram of ginger costs Lek 400-500.

Ginger promotes good circulation of blood, softens intestinal contractions and pain, but also reduces inflammation caused by a variety of diseases. Thanks to its values, ginger is also used to treat arthritis. It strengthens the immune system and has therefore become irrefutable in treating and preventing colds.

Ginger is a genuine antioxidant. Its consumption protects the body's internal system from harmful chemicals that cause oxidation in the body. Already Albanian consumers will be able to benefit from the fantastic health value of this product coming directly from local parcels./Oculus News

Made in Albania ginger cultivation began Made in Albania ginger cultivation began Thursday, September 14, 2017 Rating: 5
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