French media "discovered" Albania: Go there to enjoy the corners of paradise

The city of 1001 windos of Berat

 French media have "discovered" Albania this year and are writing continuisly about the country of eagles, beauties, extraordinary diversity and historical heritage. 

The "Open Minded" portal suggests for this summer to go to Albania before becomes a massive destination for tourists. Below the article:

Albania, the destination that has so far been out of the way of travelers ... and tourists!

Seems that this goes for Croatia, but this destination is even less touristy (for now), so you should go and make a trip to Albania! Surrounded by Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece, Albania is still safe of mass tourism. The country enjoys a variety and richness of extraordinary landscapes, for nature lovers, stretches of beaches, and typical small villages. As long as there are not many tourists, hurry to enjoy the little corners of paradise, as it is not too late!

Great roads and imposing communist buildings, the capital of Tirana, far from the image of the past, exposes the colors even when the night falls, it's time to celebrate!

Named as the city of 1001 windows, Berat is one of the oldest cities and classified as a UNESCO asset.

Stone houses, in an impressive Ottoman style, for another classical city, also classed in UNESCO.

Known as the "Little Paris", as a result of the presence of French troops during the First World War and small French style shops, this city is well-known in Albania for the brewery of Korca, which also organises th beer festival every August .

This seaside town, especially precious by Albanian tourists, is the ideal stop for a deserved holiday on the beach.

At the edge of the mountain, this quiet village also has a clear water, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the mountain and the sea in the same place./Oculus News

French media "discovered" Albania: Go there to enjoy the corners of paradise French media "discovered" Albania: Go there to enjoy the corners of paradise Friday, August 04, 2017 Rating: 5
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