Albania and Kosovo in the Robot Race in Washington

 These days in the US capital is held the global robotic challenge with the participation of high school teams from over 160 countries around the world. This activity was attended by teams of Albania and Kosovo who showed their programming skills. The three-day event that ended last night was aimed at co-operating between competing teams to solve technical challenges.

Teams from around 160 countries and six continents participated in three-day robotic competitions to highlight their talents and foster the passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The team's task is to program robots to divide blue balls from orange balls and send them to a part of the match arena. The race is in the form of a robotic Olympics, says the founder of the "FIRST Global" association Dean Kamen:

"Olympic sports games do not give children the skills, vision, courage and technical expertise to solve the world's problems."

In addition to mastering problem solving skills, the teams learn how to collaborate to achieve results. Each match faces two groups composed of three teams each.

Albania and Kosovo in the Robot Race in Washington

In these scenarios, the group in which the Albanian team participates seems to be winning the race as the robot arrives on the bridge of the arena. Donaldo Biba is from the Sami Frasheri school in Tirana

"Our team has been working on building a robot since January. The robot should have two functions, to collect the balls and after finishing the job, to be self-styled in a stack of arena. "

The instructor Besnik Zylka says that this contest will serve as an incentive for Albanian students to embrace technology and science:

"Initially we had about 15 students from different schools. During the process we had different tests and activities to reconcile and come up with the team we have today. "

Although they did not win most of the matches, the Kosovo team did not lack enthusiasm. The 16 year old Elita Hajrizi is from "Xhevdet Hoxha" school in Kosovo:

"It has been an amazing experience. In addition to learning a lot about robotics, we've met more and more people to learn about the different cultures of the world. "

Team instructor from Kosovo, Edmond Hajrizi, says the message from the meeting is quite clear:

"Kosovo's youth are ready and must be ready for the next challenges related to technology, engineering and global challenges in general."

Incorporating organizers say that gathering together these future leaders of science and technology can inspire these young people to gain the skills needed to make discoveries that were once considered miracles, impossible things, or simply scientific fictions./Oculus News

Albania and Kosovo in the Robot Race in Washington Albania and Kosovo in the Robot Race in Washington Friday, July 21, 2017 Rating: 5
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