Austrian women fate in Albania during communist dictatorship, a photographic exhibition by Jutta Benzenberg

Jutta Benzenberg

 Portraits of Austrian girls and women which during the period between the two World Wars came and remained in Albania hrough marriages. Are now part of an exhibition.

The Austrian Embassy in Tirana opened today the 'Austrians of Heart' photographic exhibition, by Jutta Benzenberg.

These portraits belong not only to the Austrians But also to the successor of the Austro-Albanian families living in Albania.

In the years of communist dictatorship, these women had different fates, touching. even tragic.

They came from Vienna and here they ask where are the cities?

Portraits show the fates, lives, and days, which in most cases were dark, like those of Ludmilla Jovan. Which during half a century remained in Shkodra with her two little girls without her spouse.

She sold all for living, even her golden teeth. She learned Albanian with the support of her niece in the last years of her life. Albanians were afraid to communicate with the Austrian woman, thus leaving her in isolation.

The 80-year-old Drita Dashi recalls her mother, Ann Endt, which passed away because of a cold, because she could not managed to be cured.

The photographer Jutta Benzenberg says he was very interested to learn of how the Austrians descendants are living today. Her several years of work in Albania is focused on the people who are forgotten by the state./Oculus News

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