Himara's myths older than Greek Mythology

Himara Castle

 In XVIII century the Himariots sent to Russia Pango Bixhili and Hil Christopher to Russia's Queen Elisabeta Petrovna. In the letter sent to the Queen was said: "We speak Albanian, the language that is spoken throughout Albania to Bosnia.

Himara is one of the pearls of Illyrian Kaonia for centuries, its inhabitants are called the Kerauna tribe (from the name of the mountain range). The Zeus of Keraun is older than that of Greek mythology. The mountain ridges of the Kerauna or the Mountains of Lightning have been the cradle of the cult of Zeus, according to the professors of Cambridge, which has the attribute of lightning. This Zeus prototype later moved to Olympia in Greece. Keraun's Zeus thus represents a prior Greek Mythology that needs to be considered by the scholars. So many legendary authors of antiquity have talked about it, not to forget the genius of Romanticism, Byron, who has written excellent verses for Himariots warrior.

The French archaeologist, Leon Rei, has written these words: "If Albania has with whom to brag, firstly must bragged about their Himara's story." In Palas, many years ago, a typical Illyrian bronze helmet of V centery BC was found. Unfortunately this helmet has disappeared today. It is inexcusable that the Albanian state did not organize archaeological expeditions in Himara. The foundations of the Himara Castle walls have large cyclopick stones, typed as Pelasgic walls. Undoubtedly in these walls, life has been even older. A strange force, a kind of life-style, as the Bergson philosopher said, founded the lives of people on the Coasts of the Sea, eventually naming them as the coastal.

The Himariot Anton Linerosa, according to Barleti, participated in the Lezha Assembly and was killed in the Battle of Torviolet with 40 of his man in 1444. On August 31, 1431, Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg's son, John descends from Italy to Himara and frees the whole area and The castle of Borsh. The Albanian prince, Balsha II, was the owner of Himara, after the death of his wife, Komita Muzaka. On July 12, 1577, the elders of Himara sent a letter to the Pope, who was sent to Rome by Gjik Kola with Gjergj Katasi. In this paper they tell the Pope that they are Arbër, that they are proud of Scanderbeg and that they demand that Europe give them weapons to fight against the invaders. In 1818 the Albanian Regiment in Corfu fought for the protection of Psara. The Englishman Millingen wrote, "The Himariots had more warlike stature throughout the army. There is no difference from other Albanians. Clothes and language - all the same "... It is no coincidence that Pope Demetrius from Dhermi translated the Albanian Catechisms into Albanian language, during XVI-XVIII Albanian schools are opened in Himara. The history of the Catholic Church in Himara can not disappear and can not be denied./Oculus News

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