Albania of 1250 in Vatican Library

Albania of 1250 in Vatican Library
The document published by Etnor Canaj

 In a document found in the Vatican Library dated back to 1250 AC, 'Arbania' is mentioned as well as "Albanenses populi" (people of Arberor), where the latter relating to faith aspect, appear as "Greek Schismatic" who depended on Tivar Archbishop's Office together with" Unaviam = Hungaria ".

Their Metropolis were found throughout Epirus, as well as in a large part of Western Macedonia, where these centers were: Metropolia of Albanopolis, Aulon (Vlora), Butrotum (Butrinti), Croja (Kruja), Dyrrachium (Durres), Larta Arta), Lissus (Lezha), Ochrida (Ohrid), Scodra (Shkodra).

According to Baudrandius who cites Leunclavio: Albania as province or province was divided into two parts; The Upper and the Lower one, where in the first one is included a large part of Macedonia or more precisely the entire western part of Macedonia and ended up in north on the borders of the Kingdom of Serbia and Dalmatia, as there had access to the Adriatic and Ionian seas. In the south it stretched to Livadhja.

"Albania Inferior" or "Lower Arbëria" had the following main centers: Kanina, Himara and Arta, while "Albania Superiore" had Shkodra where part of it are; Dukagjini, Dibra, Kelmendi, Ibalia, Benda, Canovia, Spatania, "Mussia", "Mons Niger = Montenegro", "Pulatensis = Pulati", Zadrima. Zenta, Shasi, "Zappa".

The main cities were Ohrid, Albanopoli, Ambrakia, Tivari, Aulona (Vlora), Butrint, Kerkyra (Corfu), Ulcinj, Durres, Lezha and Shkodra./Oculus News

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