Serbian official warns War in Balkans if Albanian gets reunited with Kosovo

 A senior politician of the Serbian government has warned that another war might explode in the Balkans if Albania tries to join Kosovo.

He even called on the West to condemn such a plan, writes.

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that the united union between Albania and Kosovo will remain just a desirable idea, calling for the EU to react to this.

"If I said that all Serbs will live in one country, I will be hanged in a flagpole in Brussels," said Vucic.

These reactions in Serbia came after the statement of Albania's prime minister, Edi Rama, who claimed that a union could happen if Kosovo does not enters to the European Union's membership agenda.

In response to Rama, Alexander Vulin - a minister in Serbia, said he expects the EU and NATO to oppose such attitudes, since otherwise another war in the Balkans could easily explode.

Vulin said that this war in the destabilized Balkans would include states like Macedonia and Montenegro - countries according to him with considerable Albanian diasporas./Oculus News

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