Liridon Latifi to play for Lazio?

Tare and Liridon Latifi manager

 Liridon Latifi is likely to continue the adventure in a foreign league during the summer transfer.

One of the most likely destinations is Lazio, which is interested from a few months for him.

This runway is made even more likely by a meeting between the sports director of the Italian club, Igli Tare, with the manager of the player, Shkumbin Qormemeti. It is the latter who posted today on Instagram a picture of a diner with the former national striker.

The media across the Adriatic reported that Tare was at the Palermo stadium not only as a fan, but also to look closely at the 23-year-old in the national team match with Italy on 24 March.

Lazio manager intends to take advantage of the fact that Latifi contract with Skanderbeg of Korca ends in June 2018, so the club is probably not expected to face great financial resilience./Oculus News

Liridon Latifi to play for Lazio? Liridon Latifi to play for Lazio? Wednesday, April 19, 2017 Rating: 5
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