John McCain visits Albania

 Following the official tour through several Balkan capitals, the Chairman of the Committee of the Armed Forces in the Senate, Senator John McCain, is on a visit to Tirana, where he is meeting senior state representatives and Albanian politics.

The President of the Republic, Bujar Nishani, said in the meeting with McCain that Albania will continue to provide its assistance and to meet military and financial responsibilities within NATO.

"We are proud to be loyal, worthy and genuine allies of United States, the support of which inspired the freedom of our democracy," said Nishani. He assured Senator McCain that Albania and its armed forces will continue to play the actual role in the future.

Meanwhile the Parliament Speaker Ilir Meta and Senator John McCain talked about the strategic partnership between Albania and the US, the political situation and recent developments in the region.

Mr. Meta emphasized the importance of strengthening the Albanian-American cooperation in the service of strengthening the democratic credentials of Albania and the region's peace and stability.

During the discussion on the latest developments in the region, Meta and McCain shared the conviction that Albania as a NATO member and ally of the United States should increase the budget contribution in the field of defense, noting that investment in the field of border security and control helps strengthen the stability of the economic and investment climate in the Balkans.

McCain also met in Tirana Defense Minister Mimi Kodheli. Together met the Albanian military personnel trained in US government programs.

McCain also met the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha.

Basha conveyed the concern about the 'critical situation of the country in relation to security and organized crime due to the multiplication of drug trafficking and cultivation and the presence of persons with serious criminal records in parliament, municipalities and higher public functions.'

He said that the upcoming elections are totally impossible without dismantling the risk of drug money and the criminals who are concerned about maintaining the status quo of the state.

"Just the cleaning of crime and efficient fight against drugs and crime policy through a technical government that could create the conditions for free and fair elections can guarantee long-term stability of Albania", stressed Mr. Basha./Oculus News

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