Albanian - Italian drug trafficking group hit in Durrës

Albanian - Italian drug trafficking group hit in Durrës

 An Italian-Albanian group which is suspected of drug trafficking from Albania to Italy is hit thanks to a joint investigation between the Albanian Prosecutor for Serious Crimes, Prosecution of Lecce and Italian Guardia di Finanza. According to the announcement released today by the Albanian Prosecution, seven persons are arrested, among whom are five Albanians and two Italians, who had arrived by speedboat from Italy to get loaded with marijuana.

The prosecution revealed the dynamics of group movements. "From preliminary there is reasonable suspicion that the citizen Eduard Sallaku is the head of this criminal group, in the role of organizer of narcotics trafficking from Lalez Bay (coast of Durres) towards Brindisi. During the prosecutor's investigation this person, in collaboration with the Italian citizens Gianfranco Maiorano (with a criminal record in the Italian state, more than once) and Donato Carlucci made the necessary preparations to smuggle a significant amount of narcotics".

According to the prosecution this group was set in motion on April 5 where Sallaku approached on foot near the coast and boarded on the speedboat owned by Lazer Lazri. Both are awaiting the arrival of another speedboat launched by Italy, in which on its board were two Italian nationals. Lazri is contacted by the citizen Vitor Brahja in order to assist in transporting the drug from inside the wood to the board of his speedboat and further to transport it on the board of Italian citizens speedboat on deap sea."

From prosecutor's investigation is revealed that Brahja contacted with his two grandchildren Jurgen and John Brahja, who, in addition to helping the loading of the drug they monitored the surrounding area to signal Edward Sallaku about the presence of police forces ".

Authorities were prepared to intervene at the moment that the drugs would be transported, but according to the Prosecutor they acted quickly after the band members seem to have spotted the police actions kepting them under surveillance.

The seven suspects are detained and according to the Prosecution, based on preliminary investigation and allegations that detainees have made "was created reasonable suspicion based on evidence that the persons above have consumed the elements of the offenses "drug trafficking"; "Criminal activity" and "structured criminal group."/Oculus News

Albanian - Italian drug trafficking group hit in Durrës Albanian - Italian drug trafficking group hit in Durrës Saturday, April 08, 2017 Rating: 5
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