Geographical Landscape of Albania

Geographycal Landscape of Albania

 Since at first look the visitor feels very suprised by Albanian nature, because it is beautiful and very attractive and it is very hard to find this nature anywhere else. 

The nature surprises visitors with its big diversity of phenomena and landscape, that change with big speed in horizontal and vertical direction. 

Albania is a Mediterranean country, but it’s especially geographical and geological position and especially the relive character makes to meet the Mediterranean landscape that are very expressed on the West, Mediterranean landscape with small continental influence on the East, passing landscape on the interior parts and the height ore mountain landscapes and especially alpine, landscape on the interior and on the North of the country. And to know this big natural landscape exhibition the visitors must not walk so much just some tenths kilometers, very often over 100 km.

Geographical Landscape of Albania Geographical Landscape of Albania Friday, February 03, 2017 Rating: 5
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