The Albanian artist Dritan Mardodaj takes part in artistic Exhibition in Italy

The Albanian artist - Dritan Mardodaj - takes part in artistic Exhibition in Italy

site-specific collective action

The ladder, climbing symbol welcomes a collective and environmental installation. The harvest period was also characterized by ancient symbolism and ritual, which has now is completely missing or almost.

To harvest we mean the group of thoughts, metaphors and symbols. A collection of contemporary art.

Dritan Mardodaj (Albania), Monica Rocca (Italy), Huizhong Song (China), Giacomo Monza (Italy), Laurentiu Craioveanu (Romania). The artists will present works including: sculpture, installation, and ready made site-specific.


1. Collection: agriculture and horticulture, the set of operations to collect and store the useful parts of the crops for the additional consumption .. Harvest: grain harvest; Harvest: harvesting wine grapes; Haying: collecting grass hay.

2. Yield: the set of the products subjected to during and after harvest a crop. The crop can be plants, fungi or algae can be used for food, feed, bio-fuel, medicine or other. The main crops in the world, and then the main crops are sugar cane, corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, potatoes, cotton and others.

3. Art: includes all human activity - performed individually or collectively - which leads to forms of creativity and aesthetic expression, relying on technical devices, innate or acquired abilities and behavioral norms arising from study and experience. In today's sense, art is closely related to the ability to convey emotions and "messages" subjective. However, there isn't a unique artistic language and not even a single unambiguous code of interpretation.

4. Contemporary art: term referring to the art and in all its forms located historically after the fifties (video art, painting, photography, sculpture, digital art, drawing, music, happenings, performances, installations).

5. Site-specific: the English name (specific translation of a site) generally used in contemporary art to indicate an intervention specifically designed to be placed in a precise location. The interaction with the environment is narrow and refers to all aspects of its identity, from history to architecture, from the spatial structure and the culture. An example of site-specific creative mode is public art.

6. Installation: kind of visual art developed in its present form since the early seventies. The installation is a work of art in general three-dimensional; It includes media objects and expressive forms of any type installed in a given environment. It is related to forms of art like sculpture and Land Art.

7. Ready made: the term is for an Anglicism already made, packaged, pre-fabricated, ready to use. Since 1913 the term was used in the arts to categorize a prefabricated common object isolated from its functional context, context and re-functionalisation  as work of art through the act of work by the artist selection.

The exhibition will be held in Biblioteca Laudense, Lodi, Italy, Via Solferino 72.
From 15 October – 12 November 2016

The Albanian artist Dritan Mardodaj takes part in artistic Exhibition in Italy The Albanian artist Dritan Mardodaj takes part in artistic Exhibition in Italy Wednesday, October 19, 2016 Rating: 5
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