CIA and GRU maps: Albanians to be unified by 2035

CIA and GRU maps: Albanians to be unified by 2035

 At a time when the national unity thesis is articulated in the pan-Albanian circles, a detailed map of a group of CIA experts expects that in 2035 the Albanian lands will be unified. 

Increasing thus the impact of Albanians in regional policies, and increasing support from the United States is likely to accelerate the merger process, which in today's political rhetoric of globalization seems impossible.

At a time when in the Balkan region have come to light the unresolved th Historical issues and injustices against the Albanian people, is revealet a map created by the experts of the CIA which provides drastic changes of borders not only in terms of Albanian territories, but European and other territories which for centuries have been the subject of war. It is not known whether the publication of this map relates to current circumstances, when the voice of Albanians to correct the historical injustice is strengthened, or this study of the CIA and the Russian agency GRU is revealed quite accidentally.

Paradoxically, these maps made public in US and Russian media are not only CIA experts study, but also the Russian agency GRU, the country is known for his pro-Serb policies and anti-Albanian. At a time when the issue of revision of boundaries is seen as a threat to peace, the maps circulated in the American and Russian media proclaim a union of all Albanian territories.

This merger is projected to occur in 2035 and will include the unification of Albania with Kosovo and regions of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Greece. Also conclusions here are also based on the important sources of international institutions that deal with geostrategic studies.

CIA and GRU maps: Albanians to be unified by 2035   CIA and GRU maps: Albanians to be unified by 2035 Saturday, October 22, 2016 Rating: 5
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