Swiss media: Take Albanians and Swiss as an example

Swiss media: Take Albanians and Swiss as an example

 The clash between British and Russian hooligans has caused many reactions. Thus, the UEFA warned their exemption if such behavior is repeated. Another reaction came from the Swiss media, they call to take as an example the match between Albania and Switzerland, where fans not only clashed with each other, but showed a kind of friendship between them.

"Feast instead of fighting," writes about the Albanian - Switzerland match in, where although the latter won, all fans celebrated together.

"At a time when we see the brutal scenes between the British and Russian hooligans and Northern-Island and Poles, this does not happened between Albanians and Swiss.

Of course part of this understanding is the relationship between the two national teams and players between each other ", - writes" ".

After the match Albania-Switzerland, no incident is reported, but Police patrolled the Albanian flag.

"Albanians fans donated this to us as a wish for victory", - said one Policemen.

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