Mrika Krasniqi honored “Woman of the Year” by U.S. Congress

 By Ermira Babamusta

Artist and entrepreneur Mrika Krasniqi is honored as “Woman of the Year 2016” by U.S. Congress. As an extraordinary woman Mrika Krasniqi is honored for her achievements in arts, films and business. 

On 21 April 2016 the Honorable US Senator Charles Schumer recognized Mrika Krasniqi for her international efforts to strengthen cultural and business multilateral ties between USA-Kosovo-Albania-Macedonia-Italy. At the request of the Honorable Senator Charles Schumer the American flag was flown over the United States Capitol on April 21, 2016 for Mrika Krasniqi, “Woman of the Year 2016”.

Mrika Krasniqi is an extraordinary artist, an inspirational businesswoman, and a leading figure in developing creative partnerships between the arts and business communities in New York and abroad. As a gifted and visionary filmmaker Mrika Krasniqi has achieved significant success in the field of arts and business, through her tireless work with International Screenwriter Contest, Albanian Film Week NY, and Albanian Fashion Week NY. In 2015 Mrika Krasniqi was awarded “Best Human Artist 2015” by the European Community of Jewish Artists in Paris, France.

Mrika Krasniqi is the CEO and Founder of Nil Production, Albanian Fashion Agency and New York Albanian Film Week. She is also Cofounder of the Different NGO, making projects on human rights, anti-domestic violence, anti-trafficking of human beings, in cooperation with USAID, UNDP, OSCE, US Embassy, etc. In cinematography Mrika Krasniqi has cooperated with international film studios, such as ZoneX, Imagine-Picture, IDFA, National Geographic, etc. She cooperated in the National Geographic Environment Protection Program –documentary film production in Columbia and wider.

Mrika Krasniqi demonstrates how with passion and determination one can make a difference in community, spark change and improve the world. As a true pillar of the community and a powerful strong woman Mrika Krasniqi has shown long-term active engagement in our community in New York and has made significant positive economic impact locally and abroad.

Mrika Krasniqi honored “Woman of the Year” by U.S. Congress  Mrika Krasniqi honored “Woman of the Year” by U.S. Congress Monday, May 02, 2016 Rating: 5
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