Albania, Croatia and Bosnia will receive the same quota from TAP

Albania, along with some regional countries are lobbying to the European Commission to provide the necessary funding for the project IAP (secondary line of TAP gas pipeline that will supply Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo through Albania).

Official sources from the Energy Regulatory Authority suggest the Albanian Government has already applied for funding and is working closely with the governments of two other states where this project will pass, Montenegro and Croatia, to provide the funding and going towards the realization of this project.

IAP project will pass to the north, traverses longitudinally the territories of Albania, and therefore will serve as a highway, the transmission system of high pressure, thus ensuring a long-term stable supply with gas.

This project will get connected with the project TAP - AG, through Albania, Montenegro and ends in Croatia; from this project will profit Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The length of the pipeline will be 511 km, used to carry 5 bcm / year and the beneficiaries of this amount of gas are:

Albania with 1bcm / year

Montenegro with 0.5 bcm / year

Bosnia and Herzegovina 1bcm / year

Croatia with 2.5 bcm / year

Kosova will receive gas via Albania, reports ERE. TAP project in our country has already entered the period of its implementation, or in the execution phase, and after this will be made the interconnection with the other project - IAP.

Energy regulators of three countries where Trans Adritic Pipeline will pass , Albania, Greece and Italy have certified as an independent operator model based on ITO of the Transmission of Third Energy Package. The final decision takes into account the certification of TAP, according to directives of the European Commission and the Secretariat of Energy.

In this regard, the managing director of TAP, Ian Bradshaw said: "I am very pleased by the progress made so far with the TAP project. After the implementation of our strategic contracts, the reaching of piping in Albania, the certification of ITO is another challenge achieved, but we will have to proceed. I would like to thank the three authorities, the European Commission and the Energy Community Secretariat for their cooperation in this process."

Albania, Croatia and Bosnia will receive the same quota from TAP Albania, Croatia and Bosnia will receive the same quota from TAP Monday, May 02, 2016 Rating: 5
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