Was Napoleon Bonaparte of Albanian descent?

 Napoleon Bonaparte on horse
Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the greatest military strategists of all time. He deserves a particular place in human history because he managed to conquer the largest monarchies in Europe, as the German, Austrian, and even Russia itself, because he went to Moscow, and was not his fault that Tsar Alexander did not fight like a man, thus Bonaparte was upset and forced to leave Russia. Bonaparte has the merit that in the occupied countries of the European feudal conservative ideas of the French Revolution applied France Revolution ideas. If these countries were not conquered by Napoleon, Europe and the world certainly will not be the way they are today, because his fight had broken the iron chains of medieval feudalism, which become an obstacle for the development of capitalism and world civilization. So Napoleon was not only a great military commander but also a politician, as in the countries conquered laid the main principles of an established modern state that emerged with the English, American and French Revolution. He has given to world civilization more than you can imagine, because its reforms were based on the ideas of the Enlightenment of the French Revolution, which had to do with equality of citizens, freedom, property rights, etc., awoke the oppressed peoples from centuries of feudalism. Revolutions sweeping Europe in 1848, are called as "springtime of peoples". They are a merit of Napoleon's reforms, because, after his fall from power in 1814-1815, his reforms were canceled by feudal kings who returned to the throne. But people woke up because of the rights that Napoleon gave to them, and will not accept to slave again, and thus they rose up to win these rights.

What is the origin of this great man?

Napoleon was born in Corsica, which a year after his birth passed under French sovereignty. Born in a small family of nobles who did not enjoy sufficient wealth to live normally. Today it is accepted that he was not French, although made a lot about France.

1. - Shatobrion, a famous French scholar of the time, insisted to the foreign origin of Napoleon. He was convinced that he was a foreigner, but if he was Italian would have been noted.

2 - Are the French researchers who have commented on the Albanian origin of Napoleon. Mufid bey Libohova in his book "Ali Pasha" published in the Turkish language says Adolph Thiers who has written the history of the French Revolution, so he is a good connoisseur of this era because he lived in this era and that later becomes President of France, speaks on Albanian origin of Napoleon. He cites Thiers, who says that "when big brother of Napoleon Joseph Bonaparte became king of Naples in 1806, to Albanians of Naples who went to wish him the welcoming was said that the Napoleon family is of Arbëresh origin".

3 - A French aristocrat who lived in the time of Napoleon, the Duchess d'Arbantes, wife of one of the ablest generals and loyal to Napoleon in her book "The Revolution, Empire, and Restoration" says she knows closely Napoleon Bonaparte and both are originally from the area of Mani in the Peloponnese". She noted, too, and the bey of Mani interest that Bonaparte liberates Manin from the Turks, the homeland of their grandparents. In fact, the duchess, whose husband was a friend of Napoleon's wrote the book by the time Napoleon was alive, and the fact that he has not rejected shows that these facts are true.

4 - The French scholar from Corsica, Robert D'Angely in his book "Enigma" tells that Bonaparte is Albanian, like Alexander the Great and the other Alexander. This Corsican researcher, an expert on Albanian and Albanians, said in full mouth that Napoleon is Albanian. He explains that the real surname was Kalëmiri, which is distorted by the Greeks during 100 years his family lived there as Kalomeros, which means "the good side" that was translated into Italian as "Buonaparte". So that his real surname is Napoleon Kalëmiri and if would be translated into Italian would be Napoleon Buoncavalo (good horse), not Napoleon Buonaparte.

5 - Napoleon in his diary writes that when he was going in a naval battle against Albion, England therefore, prays to be with him all his predecessors and mentioned Ene of Dardania, Achilles and Odyssey. So, he mentioned the Trojan Ene, a Dardaniann tribe, so a large part of the Albanian race remaining today in the Balkans. He asks help to, Odyssey, another Albanian from the mainland pellasg, also asked help from Achilles of Thessaly and Fthija Pelasgian. These facts show that he knew very well his Albanian origin and sought help from these heroes. Likewise, he wanted to be like the Alexander the Macedonian, another Albanian, and when he went to Egypt visited the site where Alexander was buried, and reportedly ordered all his soldiers to leave him alone in the room.

6 - A indirect fact is that when was given to chose between rooster and lion as symbol of his French side, he chose the eagle, a millinery symbol of the Albanian race. The gagle - he said were Roman emperors symbol, my ancestors, but in fact, the eagle is settled b Illyrian emperors of Rome, and that means that Napoleon knew his predecessors.

7 - Robert D'Angely notes that Napoleon was making often visits in Albanian families in Marseilles, who came there from Albania, Greece or Italy. Why should he do such a thing? What is his tie with Albanians? There are countries in Europe today who do not know at all who Albanians are and were Albania is located, while he knew them very well and paid visits to them.

8 - He also had good relations with Ali Tepelena, he helped him to raise an army of his own and a foundry for casting cannons and gunpowder. Napoleon sent consul in Ioannina, contrary to Ottomans and recognize it as the capital of Albania. He wanted for Albania to be an independent state by Turkey.

9 - Historical records indicate that there was a legion of Albanians in his army as a personal guard because they were most loyal to him.

10 - Bonaparte family in Italy has had relations with the Albanians, so a girl from a famous family from Durrës, has been married to Gabriel Bonaparte, with whom she had a son, Jerome Bonaparte. During the government of Italy by Napoleon, Durrsaku family Albanians were raised in high positions. Thus, Francois Luis Jerome Durazzo became Earl of Napoleon's empire, and senator in 1808. Another Albanian of this family Gian Gaetano Luca Durazzo became Earl of the French empire, took the title of patrician, and was decorated with the Order of the Knight of the Legion of Honor.

11 - Aristeidis Kollias in his book "Arvanites" says when Napoleon is asked which language considered the most beautiful, he answered, "When I talk to women, I like to speak French and when I talk to my men I like to speak Albanian".

So the data directly or indirectly speaks for the Albanian origin of the Great Napoleon, but still, there is room for everyone to give his opinion on the facts. Napoleon married a widow named Josefina, who was with a child and bigger than him in age. He was madly in love after her, so that he does not look at all the loopholes, and to some extent her immorality. After that, he married the Austrian Princess for political reasons and not because he did not love Josephine. Up to the last moments of his life, Josephine was in his mind. With the Austrian princess had a son he never inherited his father. Napoleon II, who died at a young age, around 20, and Napoleon did not saw his son never again after escaped to a desert island. Adolf Hitler brought the remains of his son from Austria to France to bury forever beside his father, where he is today. It is surprising the action of a Fascist like Hitler when it is known that Napoleon invaded Germany.

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