Chinese media recognise Kosovo

Terrorist attacks yesterday in Brussels, killing 34 people and injuring badly injured over 100, have "conquered" all world media.

Among the media reporting on this event has been the portal "ChinaTopix", a portal based in New York, but that deal mainly with the events in the Republic of China.

What is striking here is that this portal, although under the influence of China, a state that does not recognize Kosovo's statehood, has referred to it as the "Republic of Kosovo".

"World leaders, from Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia and the Republic of Kosovo have expressed condolences", reads one of the paragraphs of the article in this portal.

"Chinatopix" is part of "YIBADA Group" company based in New York, which is a growing media that aims to serve to Chinese community in the US, but also worldwide..

Chinese media recognise Kosovo Chinese media recognise Kosovo Wednesday, March 23, 2016 Rating: 5
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