Albanian Sanctuary wich bow down Serbs

 Albanians are euphoric, with strong emotional feelings and tolerant , who did not care  to write their own history. Foreigners have been those who have written on the general the history of the Albanian people, and it is understandable that these foreigners do often distortions of historical events or hide truths and the prides of the nation.

Albanian Sanctuary wich bow down Serbs
Archives and libraries of the world and monasteries in neighboring countries hides many information about Albanians, perhaps in these countries exist even books written in Albanian language in 11th center. As a consequence, as mentioned earlier we have a lack of connections to many events creating a huge gap in our national history.

Mother Angelina or Saint Angelina, that Serbs bow in front of her and pray with such love and dedication, is an Albanian girl. To this figure we will give some clues to make known to public opinion that the Albanians are vital and cultured people who beared many Christian saints that the world respects and bow before them - Mother Theresa is an World example. Therefore is much more desirable that this fact not kept secret, that St. Angelina of Serbia is of Albanian blood, language and education.

Angelina Comneni-Brankovic (1440-1520) was the daughter of Prince George Arian Komneni (1383-1462). George Arian Komnen Topia Golem married to Mary who was the daughter of the Despot Gjin Muzaka. Angelina Comneni married Serbian Despot Stefan Brankovic (1417-1476), who was blind, but their marriage ceremony took place in the city of Shkodra in November 1460. Under the protection of Skanderbeg, young couple stayed only one year in Albania where their first son Georgio Branković is born. Further, with Skanderbe approval, Brankovic family went to Italy after Serbia was conquered by the Ottoman Empire. Until his death, Despot Stefan lived with charitable gifts from Venice, Dubrovnik and the Pope. He was the Despot of Serbia in 1458-1459.

Angelina Comneni, from the marriage with Stefan Brankovic had three children, George - Georgio, John-Jovan and Mary. After the death of the Despot Stefan on 9 October 1476, Angelina with her children lived in misery and so she wrote a letter to the king of Hungary Mattias, who then invited them to live in Hungary gave to George the title despot of Serbia in Exile in 1486. In 1496 Georgi became a monk and gave the Reign to his brother John-Jovan. Georgio became the Archbishop of Belgrade in 1508 named Maxim, and remained archbishops until his death in 1516. (The title Archbishops belongs to Roman Catholic,  Orthodox).

John Jovan Branković took Despot title in 1496 and held the title until his death in 1502, and was the last of the family, they did not left male descent. Jovan Branković Jelenom married and had five daughters, after his wife death he married Berisllaviç Ivanish , donating thus the Despot title.

For the commitment and devotion Angelina revealed about her family and the love of God, by building monasteries for women, Serbian church declared her holy. Angelina Comneni educated and trained in parental family, with love for her husband and children clearly shows the Albanian women human soul. She married a blind man and never left it again. When the Turks conquered Serbia, Angelina took with her to Hungary the relics and the bones of her husband.

Dedication day of Saint Angelina is 30 July, (the old calendar in August 12), the day of her death, 1520. Each year Serbia celebrates to honor and remember the Albanian Angelina Comneni-Brankovic.
Albanian Sanctuary wich bow down Serbs Albanian Sanctuary wich bow down Serbs Saturday, October 10, 2015 Rating: 5
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